Treasure Island


L'Isola del Tesoro - R.L.Stevenson

LASPIGA Edizioni, Series "Leggermente", Ancona 2015

 Cover and inside Illustrations - Digital

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea


Ventimila leghe sotto i Mari - J.Verne

La Spiga Edizioni, Series "Leggermente", Ancona 2014

Cover and inside Illustrations - Digital

The long Night of Portospada


     La lunghissima Notte di Portospada - Novel by Paolo Valentino

     Lupo Editore, Series AbatJour, Lecce 2013

   Cover & Map - Collage & Digital

The Hardy Tin Soldier


A personal interpretation of the great classic by Hans Christian Andersen.

The daring adventure of a sentimental toy soldier in the fascinating world of toys.

The power of a timeless tale comes back to life with new atmospheres and many

 bizarre characters


Il Tenace Soldatino di Stagno

La Margherita Edizioni, Il Castello Group, Milano 2010